Melbourne Kidney Stone Clinic

Melbourne Kidney Stone Clinic has been established to provide a high quality referral service to patients with symptomatic kidney stones.

Established by consultant Urologist Mr Daniel Steiner, Melbourne Kidney Stone Service ensures patients with symptomatic kidney stones will be seen urgently at all times.

Patients will be seen by Mr Steiner, or a colleague within 24 hours of referral, or if necessary the clinic will facilitate direct admission to a private hospital for treatment. This can bypass the potential waiting times in emergency departments and avoid the need for inter hospital transfer.

Patients suitable for Melbourne Kidney Stone Clinic will:

  • Have an established diagnosis of kidney/ureteric stones (preferably by CT scan).
  • Have private health insurance enabling treatment in a private hospital, or for uninsured patients, be willing to have treatment in a private hospital

Patients can be referred by their GP’s during business hours directly through my rooms, or out of hours via pager service (9387 1000).

Melbourne Kidney Stone Clinic offers all latest minimally invasive treatment options for the management of Kidney stones including: laser lithotripsy, ESWL (shock wave lithotripsy) & PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for larger stones).